U.S. Gold Types

Investment Grade U.S. Gold Eagle / 1oz.

First introduced in 1986, the U.S. Mint copied the design of the most popular U.S. Gold coin of all time—the $20 Gold Saint-Gaudens—for the Gold American Eagle. Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Augustus Saint-Gaudens to design the $20 coin. U.S. Gold Eagles have an advantage over other foreign bullion coins—they have the highest demand from investors and highest return-on-investment.

U.S. Gold Eagles are made only from gold mined in the United States. They are minted using 22 carat gold and small amounts of alloy to ensure a minimum of service wear if handled incorrectly. High grade U.S. Gold Eagles have not been handled or marred, but are pristine and packaged as new.

Investment Grade Proof U.S. Gold / 1 oz.

Proof Gold American Eagles are limited edition versions of the world’s most popular gold bullion coins, the official U.S. Gold Eagle. Only a very small quantity of U.S. Gold proof coins are struck each year. Recently the U.S. Mint announced a “sell out” of all available 2009 Gold Proof Eagles. The 1 oz. Proof Gold Eagle has a $50 face value on the reverse of the coin.

U.S. Mint copied the design for the obverse of the Gold Eagle from the famous $20 Saint-Gaudens, which is widely considered America’s most beautiful coin. This coin was commissioned by Theodore Roosevelt, who sought have a classic design image like the ancient gold coins of Greece and Rome. The proof gold coin is “triple struck” by the die to create a mirror-like finish.

Since 1987, the demand for U.S. Gold Proof Eagles has far exceeded supply, and the prices have more than doubled to over $2,000 per ounce as of May 2009.

Investment Grade U.S. Saint-Gaudens (Pre-1933) Gold / 1 oz.

The Saint-Gaudens type Gold is the most famous and sought after U.S. Gold on the market today. This investment grade gold takes its name from the coin designer and sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Often the coin is referred to as a “Saint” or “$ 20 St. Gaudens Type”. Gold investors also refer to the Saint-Gaudens U.S. Gold coin as a “Double Eagle.” Saint-Gaudens investment grade U.S. Gold, which is certified by independent grading service PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), is the most popular and secure investment grade gold for U.S. investors for liquidity and high market demand. When the Gold Confiscation of 1933 was ordered by Presidential Executive Order, the majority of the Saints in circulation around the United States were turned in to banks and melted into gold bars. As a result, the U. S. Saint-Gaudens Gold is both scarce and sought after in high quality, investment grade condition. Over the last ten year period, as investors worldwide have converted paper assets into U.S. Gold, the Saint-Gaudens has a higher “scarcity” value in addition to the gold content value.

Investment Grade Liberty Head Gold / 1 oz.

U.S. Gold was first discovered in large quantities in the California Gold Rush era of 1848. Due to the high amount of gold being mined from U.S. soil, Congress authorized the U.S. Mint to create a $ 20 gold coin (approx. 1 oz) on March 3, 1849. The “Liberty Head Type” was popular and used widely throughout the United States as a storehouse of values for citizens until 1907, when the Saint-Gaudens Type replaced it. During the massive bank failures in the United States during the Civil War and throughout the expansion of the West between 1848-1907, U.S. citizens utilized the Liberty Head U.S. Gold for storing and preserving wealth.